Hi there.

I've been absent from my blog for far too long. So, here's an update.

I've changed jobs (but I'm still working for the same company/MNC), just for a totally different business with an entirely different job scope too, yes, nothing that drastic really (not!). I now work closer to home (takes me 15 minutes to get to the office) but it takes much longer to get home (approximately 40 mins -__-) -- the irony!

It's been about 3 weeks since the change, and let's just say I should give it more time to 'get into' the role before commenting. If I could write about my experience here thus far, I would, but it wouldn't be very brief to do so. I'll save that for another time when you meet me face to face.

So last weekend was the Bersih (yellow!) rally which I didn't attend. But I did wear a yellow shirt for the weekend to display some level of 'remote' support. Please accept my support from afar for this rally's cause, LOL. Whether or not the demands that resulted in this rally will be met is anyone's guess, really, but here's hoping for a better Malaysia from here on. It's much too negative and divided, as much as the mainstream media likes to report that it's not.

Heaps of photos showing a sea of yellow flooded my Whatsapp texts over the weekend - it is truly amazing what a common cause can lead people to do, despite coming from different walks of life. This is one defining moment in history, whether or not the history department (is there even one that is truthful and objective around here?) would like to record in its archives.

Here's a weird video related to the Bersih event that has left my brain tied in knots: (click the link here, sorry but I won't place the video of something as 'mad' as this on my blog, it's too embarrassing)

Yes, after watching it, I'm wondering what the heck that was all about, like really. It's a tragedy that anything like this could be recorded on film, such a waste of good film and bandwidth!

But at least you get smart comments like this for to offset the stupidity:

Yes, I do agree: porn is easier to explain than that video. XD

Oh well, you win some and you lose some. Let's hope the yellow shirts win this.


So, on to books that I've read. At the start of 2015, I signed up for a Reading Challenge on Goodreads and have pledged to read 24 books this year (1 book every two weeks seemed fair) and so far, I've been way ahead of schedule! YAYYYYYY

One book that I've especially liked from the list of books I've read was "A Man Called Ove." It is translated from Swedish, but despite the translation, I think the author's tone and expression for his story hit the mark even after being translated to English.
The book is hilarious, touching and real (real, meaning not too outlandish for a fiction) all at once.
Without revealing too much, the book is about, well, a man called Ove who is a lonely widow and a grumpy old man. The story revolved around his life alone and how he interacts with his neighbours. Sorry but I don't summarise things very attractively to make it sound more interesting than that, but trust me, it's a good read despite being just 'about Ove's life'. Really. ;)

Now, I'm currently reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It was first published in 1997 and...... I'm late to the party, I know. But cut me some slack, if I had read it in 1997, I probably won't comprehend half the contents of the book (I was 7 in 1997). So there (calculate my age why don't you).
Currently enjoying the read, though I am not putting hope in it making me rich after finishing it, LOL. I'm expecting it to be a motivational 'self-help' type of book offering a different perspective on life and such.

And also because I'm trying to balance the 24 books I've pledged to read this year to contain a fair mix of fiction and non-fiction (but I think I've already tipped the scale to the Fiction side), so whatever. Reading is good, smoking is bad, so I must be doing something right.