Why, hello there, 2016!

It would seem odd to greet a non-living entity such as a number representing the year, but hey, it's customary to welcome anything and everything that is new to you, right? ;-)

So, it is also customary to look back upon the year that has past and recollect lessons learned and memories made for 2015.

Truth be told, there were so many, but so few I have captured on film.
(Note: do something about this for 2016)

A few highlights of 2015:
-my first ever trip to China (it was great, especially when you get to see pandas too!)
-build a home with 40 others in a remote part of the country (which was surprisingly near to home)
-three of my uni mates got married within the year
-changed jobs (but not company)
-visited a chiropractor for the first time and experienced quite a shocking bone-cracking session (in a good way)
-impulsively bought an electronic gadget that caused a dent in my wallet (it was a good buy nonetheless)
-donated blood after a 2-year long hiatus (I had thought of giving blood every 4 months initially)
-pledged my organs for donation (a somewhat impulsive decision but I think it's for the best)

Small little things that have added to my repository of memories, are here.
The rest I will keep safe in memories. <3 p="">