Watching the election results "live" on Google yesterday was a physical activity in itself.
Reading and listening to all the backlash the day after tire me out even more than yesterday.
Sure, there's a broken electoral system somewhere (my country included) and sure, Trump's a racist and sure, Hillary's a champion for women (when there are no other female candidates rich enough to run as big a campaign for the US presidency to compare her with, of course she is). But politics is never truly black and white (as we should all have learnt by now) and even though the supposed "lesser of two evils" did not win, how can we then be sure that this DJT win will result in all the fears you harboured all this while (or was it mongered to you by the Clinton campaign)? Is Trump not human himself to want what's best for people too (if not certain groups of people)?
    Coming from a country where fiercer battles have been lost and racism is firmly established into the system, I think life has gone on as usual for everyone just as how it did before any elections took place. Repeat: Life. Goes. On. If there are any lessons one should forever remember from this is that your votes count, and if you have gone jaded and have succumbed to inaction, which gives you no right to complain, life also still goes on for you.
     My stand on this seem to veer on the Trump side based on what I've written above, but truth be told, I can only sit on the fence, or better still, I really am just 'on the outside looking in'. I have no need to take sides; I'm not an American Citizen. And even if I did, my voice would not make a difference. An American citizen's one can, however. So if you ask me, with a turnout of less than 70% in most states, did enough Americans really care about the elections?
    The point is, I have seen and heard so many politicians making numerous promises that were never kept even after they have won the election. Has everyone forgotten this fact? The fact that people say popular things to get the popular vote even when they mean none of it (it's also known as lying)? What makes you so sure that Trump would actually keep his? If that is one solace to take, please take it.
    And a true democracy (or at least closer to it than my country's) would allow for the system to not re-elect him in the next four years, if things turn out for the worse. So there, another solace to take.
I think I can see where both sides are coming from, why Trump managed to win, and why Hillary was popular only up to a point, and weighing the arguments I've read, it's hard to say who'd do a better job. Admittedly, Trump is someone easy to hate, which makes Hillary almost angelic next to him. But, as democracy reigns, and we seek to uphold it, Trump is the winner and we gotta respect that.
And for a sudden thought: Trump is already a rich-ass multi-billion dollar guy. Winning the presidency is not exactly a means for him to garner more riches (but maybe just another means, yes). Perhaps his take on it would be one truly for the American people, to make America great again (but isn't it already great, being the biggest power in the world?) now that he is a politician and the 45th POTUS. Who knows?
Here's hoping for the best as complicated as it might be, and in the case of Brexit which I think shocked the world for nearly the same reasons (fear-mongering included), the analogies can only run so far.
So? Life. Goes. On.