Having more of the above for more of our population could help the betterment of mankind, perhaps.
So here's sharing its principals :
1. Be Skeptical
-keep an open mind. Politicians and advertisers try to persuade you. Are some of your attitudes and beliefs superficial and unfounded? Accept nothing as truth until you have examined the evidence.

2. Insist on Evidence
- it is not sufficient that an opinion is traditional, that it appears in print or on the Internet, or that it is expressed by a doctor or a lawyer. Ask for evidence.

3. Examine Definitions of Terms
-some statements are true when a term is defined in one way but not when it is defined in another way. Consider the statement, "Head Start programs have raised children's IQs." The correctness of the statement depends on the definition of IQ.

4. Examine the Assumptions or Premises of Arguments
- Consider the statement that one cannot learn about human beings by engaging in research with animals. One premise in the statement seems to be that human beings are not animals. We are, of course.

5. Be Cautious in Drawing Conclusions from Evidence
-for many years, studies had shown that most clients who receive psychotherapy improve. It was therefore generally assumed that psychotherapy worked. Some 40 years ago, however, psychologist Hans Eysenck pointed out that most psychologically troubled people who did not receive psychotherapy also improved. The question thus becomes whether people receiving psychotherapy are more likely to improve than those who do not. Current research on the effectiveness of psychotherapy therefore compares the benefits of therapy techniques to the benefits of other techniques or no treatment at all. Be especially skeptical of anecdotes. When you hear "I know someone who...," Ask yourself whether this person's reported experience is satisfactory as evidence.

6. Consider Alternative Interpretations of Research Evidence
- does alcohol cause aggression? Later in the chapter we report evidence that there is a connection, or correlation, between alcohol and aggression. But does the evidence show that drinking causes aggression?
7. Do Not Oversimplify
8. Do Not Over-generalize
9. Apply Critical Thinking to All Areas of Life

It's difficult to lift people higher by beating them down

Acknowledge success without reminders of failure

When I started this blog, I wanted to emulate and impress certain people.

Those aims/goals have virtually disappeared aeons ago and this blog has long since evolved into being my own personal ranting outlet, whether or not anyone chooses to read it.

However, if there is one thing that the public domain doesn't see, is the draft posts that I choose not to post.
Perhaps it's because I don't want people to see the kind of things that I'm too afraid will be judged harshly by them... No wait, it is mostly that.

Nonetheless, I continue to keep them for my own personal rumination when I look through the posts I've written, published or otherwise, to remember how well I've written on something that I felt so strongly about at that moment in time.

I hope that one day you might be able to read them too, but maybe that can only be when I am no longer around.

... if you are a person.

I've said this many times, and I'll say it again: people are the most complex of all. They're unpredictable, full of emotions, opinions, thoughts, abilities, moods... EVERYTHING. The complexity is mind-numbing. I'm not excluded from this group but I like to think that I'm a bit more... rational than average. Or.... I'm just kidding myself.

I'm saying this in response to so many things that I experienced in the course of a day (today to be precise). But I guess I'm only overwhelmed because it is possibly a lot of information to take in one sitting for a normal day's amount of information. I think the magnitude of it all in my head will die down the next few days, please pray for me.

I've also said this before: I'd rather be working with computers than people. However, just a thought: computers are not a result of emotions; it is the result of careful programming by the very same type of being called 'people' who are more complex than this creation called a computer, believe it or not!

I guess I am more inclined to want to be a computer than a person - if I were a computer, I wouldn't have to deal with emotions I can't handle, let alone other people's emotions; I'll just be churning out actions as required per the input. Is it all because of the money? Why is it ultimately the money that makes people act all outrageously/selfishly/irrationally? (I guess they need to read some of the books I highly recommend, please watch out for my upcoming post on these books, hopefully I get around to writing them).

Do people really believe it when they say things like 'no amount of money can buy happiness'? Or are these sayings said to project the image that it doesn't matter, but it actually really does? I guess you can't really stay clean in a dirty pond, a pond where people see themselves as clean when really, all they perceive as clean is observed through mud-filled eyes --  how skewed is that? How can they know better when they are surrounded by the same things they refuse to acknowledge as not being as good as they claim it is?

I'm losing it. I really wish for so many things I can't undo now. But the only way out is through, and we'll see where this road goes. 'Cos boy, being an adult is far too complicated than I could ever imagine it to be when I was a child.

It's hard to forget something that happened in your life which left such a huge impact on you (both good and bad), whether physically or emotionally (or both). Try as hard as you might, you just can never erase it from your memory; you might misplace the fine details of the event, but you never forget the main gist of it, the one that made it stick forever.

Sometimes it's from the words you've heard, the people you've met, or the things you or someone else did, or any combination of these. Whatever it was, you will always remember it. Do you have such memories? I'm sure you do; we all do.

There are a handful of events that have happened in my life which I would prefer to never have had lingered in my memories till today; and then there are others which are forever etched in my mind and heart, and I never ever wanna lose the thought of them, ever.

I don't want to get into details because they're too overly personal and shall remain mine until future disclosure (if ever). But I just want you to know, that holding on to the bad ones will hurt and it'll do you no good, so learn hard on how to let it go. And for the good ones that you cherish but will never happen again, don't fret, don't cry... Just remember how you felt when those things happened -- take solace in that, because you should be grateful that such a memory existed than none at all... You bet I do.

As for the title, well, the firsts are always the easiest to recall, isn't it? I remember all of mine.

Day #16: 2-June

Movie day - Friyay - Weekend is here!

After a painful headache spell during the afternoon, I went to the gym with Wani, had dinner/buka puasa at Subway together with Peng (seafood sensation is my favourite flavour and it was SOTD!) and watched.... *drum roll* BAYWATCH!
The 2017 version of course!

Wasn't exactly sure about the movie, but after watching it, I can sum it up for you: action comedy!
Oh, and a dollop of sexiness (come on, it is about Lifeguards in red swimsuits after all)

Day #15: 1-June

Oh, the big 6th month of the year is here!

Today, we had lunch with the Cebu Pacific auditors at Mr and Ms Cafe, Oasis Ara Damansara.

It was so yummy AND filling; so filling in fact that I could hardly keep my eyes open during the closing meeting because of all the energy required to digest it XD

Here's a photo of my dish as well as the auditor's:
1) Mine: Chicken Buttermilk french toast
2) Auditor's: avocado salmon salsa

Day #14: 31-May

So it is the end of May, and another one week of The Doublers.

As some of you may know, I tutor on the side while having a full-time day job. The subjects I tutor are additional maths and physics for SPM/IGCSE levels. If you ask me why I do this as a side job, the truth is I do find teaching gratifying (especially when students go like "ohhhhh I understand now!") and earning additional income for something I quite like doing is a bonus!

I've been doing this since 2014 and although I cannot say that my students are guaranteed A+'s under my tutelage, I can say that their grades do improve and hopefully they understand the basics of these subjects that can actually be put to use in their daily lives. (Here's hoping....)

Anyway, I don't consider myself a teacher in the normal sense (as I label what I do as tutoring) but I was so pleasantly surprised and touched when I received my first ever teachers day gift from my student Nadiah. Thanks girl! =)
Here's pics of the gift! I love it, it's so adorable!!!

Day #13: 30-May

So today is the first day back at work after the holiday. Gosh, it's Tuesday Blues 😭

Again, this is meant for journaling POSITIVE experiences, so here goes.

Today, I had the opportunity to try out Peak Fitness which is located at Citta Mall. It's a gym that just opened in Dec 2016. Equipment are new, and the changing room/toilets are clean. It's been so long since I stepped into a paying-gym LOL (although I am on a 7-day trial pass). I'm still deciding on whether to obtain a membership at this gym.

I love that there's the chin up machine! And that corporate membership for us is just slightly over the RM100 mark.

Day #12: 29-May

Today is the day I go home. But Penang also feels like home. I just don't think I can drive here, LOL.

It's sad to know it's my last day in Penang, but since this is the Doublers and the intent is to BE MORE POSITIVE, I choose to reflect on the great times spent in the last 5-days.

Never going hungry thanks to yummy Penang food and eating three square Mrs a day, baking a chocolate peanut butter brownies, curling hair successfully, petting dogs at a dog cafe, having an awesome facial experience, buying cheap cotton on body exercise pants, first time fish spa, delivering​ pizza to school, etc. Oh, and knowing that the ais kacang stall will not be closing anytime soon is also good!

And to end the trip, there was dinner at Spades Burger ----- YUMS.
Baconizer beef burger shown here.

Say #11: 28-May

Today was lazy Sunday (but funday) because....

We went to Hin Bus Depot and i was pleasantly surprised with the atmosphere : there was a 'flea' market, a cafe, an Art Jamming place... Nice venue discovery. And then we went to a doggy cafe and the critters were all so adorable!
There two corgis and many Pomeranians and a shihtzu ... And we had a slice or (human) chocolate brownie which was rich and just delish!

Oh, and finally the all-important star fish of Penang: Char Kuey Teow from Ah Leng!

Day #10: 27-May

Today, we finally had the all-famous ais kacang of Swatow Lane aka New World Park (the main reason why I came up to Penang for, if there ever needs to be a reason).

I must say that for the last two decades of having this yearly, the taste has been ever consistent and the contents of it has remained the same, amount-wise ie no reduction in ingredients or proportion (*cough* SS15 rojak *cough*)

But alas, will they truly be closed forever? Or will the management of New World Park do something to get it going once more?
I think a revamp would do it good.

Day #9: 26-May


Indeed, it was FriYay when we went to Domino's to pick up 8 pizzas, ordered yesterday, precisely at the promised 10:15am ... And service was just splendid! Kudos Domino's at Bayan Lepas 😘

Went to drop them off at school where the girls were having a school teacher's day celebration... So nice to see colours everywhere!!! Oh how I miss school days 😆😿

Off we went to have breakfast food: I had the eggs Benedict and the cuz had Shakshuka - totally yums (@Secawan'n'such)

We did the tourist walk of going to Chew Jetty for a walk about... Noticed an old lady getting her hair permed outside her house as we headed to end of the jetty (they live AT the jetty!).... At which I got my hand decorated with henna, and waited for it to dry while the cuz had her lightbulb drink.

After which we headed back and noticed that the old lady just had her perm completed! It was cute and serendipitous to some extent 😂

Had cake at China House (it definitely has an old rustic quality to the place ); we had Oopsy Daisy chocolate peanut butter cake. Yumssssss

We made chocolate peanut butter brownies with ingredients bought entirely from Giant.
Had to admit, while the whole process was new to us, it was definitely fun for me. Although the brownies turned out a bit dry and a little lacking in flavour, I think we'll just have to try again and see where we can do better next time!

Day #8 - 25-May

Today, my cousins and I went shopping at Gurney Paragon. But the main intention wasn't exactly shopping; it was to go for a facial session.

My cousins who are entitled to the student price were really interested in trying this place out: Herbaline. I did too, LOL

It was a really great experience. For RM90 (RM50+ for students), you get:
-a starter cup of dates tea
-a quick 3-breath aromatherapy
-a foot soak spa
-a facial session consisting of cleanser, extraction and mask with massage included
-a lemongrass end-of-facial tea
-another 3-breath aromatherapy
-a fish foot spa (they were so nibble-y, so ticklish)

I think we spent over 3-hours there as they did not have a time limit for the fish spa (which I think we spent well over 30-mins having the fishies nibble our dead skin away)

I'm definitely going back again one day!

Photos are of:
The oil seeds embedded deeply in my skin which have been removed;
A picture of tea time French toast and chocolate souffle;
Lor Mee and really thick good kopitiam coffee with grass jelly included 😋👌

Day #7 : 24-May

Today was a good day when u had free lunch AGAIN!

It was a buffet spread at Grand Dorsett Subang hotel paid for by the company (yeah sort of) and it was a 2-hour lunch break.
Me not being a fan of buffets ate modestly, and participated in group photo taking, for example:

And then there's me "prettifying" someone through the use of a newfound camera filter called "mosaic" which had the effect of pixelating areas of a photo u do not want shown ie censoring.

This was such a HILARIOUS​ effect, I couldn't stop laughing at the outcome. Photos included.

Reasons why my love-hate relationship with my current phone is indeed tumultuous.

Day #6

Today we went to KFC  for lunch (sinful diet pleasures) and I ordered a snack plate via my colleague while I sat and 'chup' the place for the four of us since it was "peak lunch hour".

After the (naughty) meal, we went back to the office and as I was removing the cash notes in my wallet my colleague said "it's on me Germae :) " 
I got a free lunch, as her treat! 
Thank you, that made my day!

I made Kusudama Flowers today (22-May-2017)!!!

It's always nice to make something with your own hands and see the end result.

I must say that it's not the folding but the glueing together that is the toughest part of making these paper flowers !
My thought is that the best sort of glue to use with these paper crafts is PVA glue with the needlepoint applicator 😅

Day #4

Today was the Futsal Tournament by GEESM -- a yearly event. It was held at Ferro Futsal, somewhere in the USJ1 Industrial area.

There was a good turn up of men (as expected, LOL) and for the first time in GEESM history ...
Two ladies teams were formed!

It was the Orange vs Blue/White team for a total of 10 minutes playing time.
The result was: 2-1 Blue/White win!
Despite the Orange team loss (that was my team :'(..... ), I think all the ladies were winners because again, it's the first time in GEESM history !
Here's a pic of the 10 awesome ladies who made this "historical" moment a reality!

Day #3.

Let me share with you a scrumptious home-cooked meal (dinner) prepared by my friend at his home.

It was Angus wagyu beef steak served medium rare with a side of boiled veges and mash.

Here's a photo:
It was delish !!!!

So this is day #2.
I'm not sure if the rules say that I can only write about an experience from the very same day... but let's try.

So today, the Orange Frog course ended. I rewarded myself for 'completing' this course (use of '' because all I really had to do was sit and listen right up till the end) by going to Aeon Shah Alam.

I was glad that I could get parking at a location which is a reasonable walking distance to the mall -- purpose was to increase the number of steps I would take in a day.

So, in total, I managed to get up to 8K steps today!
And on top of that, I found a new and pretty gel pen colour (from Zebra brand) that was cheaper (RM4.45) than the current Pilot one (RM5.30) I am using where its ink is finishing :'( ....

Walking and exploring the three storey mall was pleasant ... and all in part to increase the number of steps taken daily to meet the daily team goal of 50,000 steps! Glad to be able to contribute 8000 today, which is 3000 more than the minimum requirement!

When I got home, and was unpacking my bags, I discovered that my copy of "The Orange Frog" was missing! I was hoping that I hadn't left it at the training centre (because if I did, I'd have little hope of getting it back again). The alternative was that I may have left it in the car when I was unpacking some of my training materials from my handbag just before going to Aeon Shah Alam.

Then, at night when I went to pick my sister up from the airport, I got into my car and TA-DAH!!!! The book was in the passenger's seat! Oh my, so happy! Guess the book slipped out from the stack of training materials when I put them back into my bag after I was done at Aeon Shah Alam and I hadn't noticed. So happy and I guess there is some effect to staying positive? :D

Thanks for staying tuned!
This is the first post of (what I hope to be) a series of 21 posts journaling one positive experience per day.

Today I attended the "Orange Frog" training at SHRDC: Selangor Human Resource Development Centre.
It was my first time to this building in Shah Alam, and frankly speaking, the building from the outside wasn't very impressive.
But lo and behold, the office on the fourth floor was very nice and well kept. Glass doors that shine through, and good quality chairs were plenty.
One positive experience from today was that there was a 'free market' being held today ONLY at the 4th floor office of SHRDC. It's like a flea market, but it doesn't require any money transaction: you could either trade your item with something else you see there, or you can go ahead and take any that you see which strikes your fancy.
For me, I only realised that it was really a FREE (not FLEA) market towards the end of the event, where many items have been taken and what was left is presumably the less desirable ones.
So, I saw some clothes, some jewelry and soap bars (???) and finally got to the books section.
And.... I found this book!
I'm pretty sure I've seen or heard or read about this book as I was researching 'similar' books like "Stumbling on Happiness" or "Predictable Irrational" ... but to get it for free at a FREE market is a very pleasant surprise!

Thank you!
I have a question for you: whenever you listen to a song, what is the first thing that strikes you about the song? Is it the lyrics, or the tune of the song?

If this seems like an odd question to ask and the obvious answer should have been "both!", please allow me to explain by giving you my answer to the above question.

The first thing that strikes me about a song is its tune, or melody. Lyrics are secondary to my ears.
I never really gave much thought to this at first, until I realise that I could listen to a foreign song which is in a language I do not understand (Korean, Japanese, French for example) and find something beautiful about it in spite of my incomprehension to the meaning of the lyrics. If this proves anything is that the foreign singer could be singing something as unexpected or unrelated (like his pet crocodile or sumfink) to what the tune seemed to be expressing and I would not have known it, and still enjoyed the song for its melody and nothing more.

In saying this, what if its an English or Malay/Indonesian song? Would I be influenced by the lyrical content of the song if the tune was something very beautiful to me since I actually understand these languages? I think the answer is, no I would not be affected by the lyrical content either. Truth be told, some songwriters are better than others, and some music makers are better than others too. If the best of both come together to work on a song, you can bet the result would be a chart-topping hit. However, there are those that are not as good but somehow a song or two gets produced anyhow (and the results are somewhat mediocre or lacking).
But that's besides the point.

For me, it'd be great if the song had wonderful lyric composition as well as a great tune to it. However, if the lyrics are mediocre at best, but the tune was hands-down awesome, it'd still be a great song to me. Therefore, in my own opinion of music, what lays the foundation to a great song is not the lyrics but its melody. The song can be ruined by disastrous words for lyrics fosho, but of course it'll take some grand disaster of a songwriter to destroy a strong foundation of a song which is its grand melody and tune. Hurt both and you get a really, really bad song -- totally not worth listening to.

So the year is 2017, and we've almost reached the middle of its second month.
Here I am, writing another post and hoping to finish it by midnight because I need to get my 7 hours of sleep (since tomorrow is a working day, sigh).
Such is life for me for the last nearly 4 years since beginning this journey (for the lack of a better word) called ADULTHOOD. Is that what this is?!? (<--- guess="" i="" more="" next="" on="" p="" this="" time="">
I need to keep this post short to meet the goal of this post's title, and since it isn't about anything in particular, let me just say that I've been pondering a lot about the meaning of selfishness.

When I was younger, the term 'selfish' was mostly used to mean when you refuse to share your things, like when you refused to lend your colour pencils to your classmate ('cos he never returns it!) and they yell, accusingly, of you being "Selfish!". In other words, 'selfish' was used to mean when one does not share with others what you have that may be in excess for you as ONE person.

But now, over the years I have come to learn (maybe not through the best of ways) what the term 'selfish' really means. Not that my childhood definition of it was any wrong, but really, there's more to it than I knew then, and that is.... selfish means to be 'of the self'. Like how you would say 'greenish' to mean it's 'like, green', and therefore, self-ish is to be of the self, and ONLY of the self.
In other words, it's when you can only think of yourself and nobody else, and your actions are actually of benefit only to you and not others. In a way, my childhood definition of it wasn't all that wrong after all. It's when you can only think of yourself, and not of others.

Which brings me to my next point... human selfishness is pervasive. In saying this I am not relinquishing myself of such behaviour at all times, ABSOLUTELY NOT. However, I feel that in knowing this, I can remind myself of when I'm being selfish since I am clear with the definition. However, others may not be, and hence continue to act selfishly instead of selflessly....

Sometimes the world can be so cruel, because people are selfish.
But I heard this sentence on TV and it made me feel like there's hope in such words :- "The more you give, the more you'll have."

I must ponder on this. Thanks for reading, and I'm off to bed.