So the year is 2017, and we've almost reached the middle of its second month.
Here I am, writing another post and hoping to finish it by midnight because I need to get my 7 hours of sleep (since tomorrow is a working day, sigh).
Such is life for me for the last nearly 4 years since beginning this journey (for the lack of a better word) called ADULTHOOD. Is that what this is?!? (<--- guess="" i="" more="" next="" on="" p="" this="" time="">
I need to keep this post short to meet the goal of this post's title, and since it isn't about anything in particular, let me just say that I've been pondering a lot about the meaning of selfishness.

When I was younger, the term 'selfish' was mostly used to mean when you refuse to share your things, like when you refused to lend your colour pencils to your classmate ('cos he never returns it!) and they yell, accusingly, of you being "Selfish!". In other words, 'selfish' was used to mean when one does not share with others what you have that may be in excess for you as ONE person.

But now, over the years I have come to learn (maybe not through the best of ways) what the term 'selfish' really means. Not that my childhood definition of it was any wrong, but really, there's more to it than I knew then, and that is.... selfish means to be 'of the self'. Like how you would say 'greenish' to mean it's 'like, green', and therefore, self-ish is to be of the self, and ONLY of the self.
In other words, it's when you can only think of yourself and nobody else, and your actions are actually of benefit only to you and not others. In a way, my childhood definition of it wasn't all that wrong after all. It's when you can only think of yourself, and not of others.

Which brings me to my next point... human selfishness is pervasive. In saying this I am not relinquishing myself of such behaviour at all times, ABSOLUTELY NOT. However, I feel that in knowing this, I can remind myself of when I'm being selfish since I am clear with the definition. However, others may not be, and hence continue to act selfishly instead of selflessly....

Sometimes the world can be so cruel, because people are selfish.
But I heard this sentence on TV and it made me feel like there's hope in such words :- "The more you give, the more you'll have."

I must ponder on this. Thanks for reading, and I'm off to bed.