It's hard to forget something that happened in your life which left such a huge impact on you (both good and bad), whether physically or emotionally (or both). Try as hard as you might, you just can never erase it from your memory; you might misplace the fine details of the event, but you never forget the main gist of it, the one that made it stick forever.

Sometimes it's from the words you've heard, the people you've met, or the things you or someone else did, or any combination of these. Whatever it was, you will always remember it. Do you have such memories? I'm sure you do; we all do.

There are a handful of events that have happened in my life which I would prefer to never have had lingered in my memories till today; and then there are others which are forever etched in my mind and heart, and I never ever wanna lose the thought of them, ever.

I don't want to get into details because they're too overly personal and shall remain mine until future disclosure (if ever). But I just want you to know, that holding on to the bad ones will hurt and it'll do you no good, so learn hard on how to let it go. And for the good ones that you cherish but will never happen again, don't fret, don't cry... Just remember how you felt when those things happened -- take solace in that, because you should be grateful that such a memory existed than none at all... You bet I do.

As for the title, well, the firsts are always the easiest to recall, isn't it? I remember all of mine.

Day #16: 2-June

Movie day - Friyay - Weekend is here!

After a painful headache spell during the afternoon, I went to the gym with Wani, had dinner/buka puasa at Subway together with Peng (seafood sensation is my favourite flavour and it was SOTD!) and watched.... *drum roll* BAYWATCH!
The 2017 version of course!

Wasn't exactly sure about the movie, but after watching it, I can sum it up for you: action comedy!
Oh, and a dollop of sexiness (come on, it is about Lifeguards in red swimsuits after all)

Day #15: 1-June

Oh, the big 6th month of the year is here!

Today, we had lunch with the Cebu Pacific auditors at Mr and Ms Cafe, Oasis Ara Damansara.

It was so yummy AND filling; so filling in fact that I could hardly keep my eyes open during the closing meeting because of all the energy required to digest it XD

Here's a photo of my dish as well as the auditor's:
1) Mine: Chicken Buttermilk french toast
2) Auditor's: avocado salmon salsa

Day #14: 31-May

So it is the end of May, and another one week of The Doublers.

As some of you may know, I tutor on the side while having a full-time day job. The subjects I tutor are additional maths and physics for SPM/IGCSE levels. If you ask me why I do this as a side job, the truth is I do find teaching gratifying (especially when students go like "ohhhhh I understand now!") and earning additional income for something I quite like doing is a bonus!

I've been doing this since 2014 and although I cannot say that my students are guaranteed A+'s under my tutelage, I can say that their grades do improve and hopefully they understand the basics of these subjects that can actually be put to use in their daily lives. (Here's hoping....)

Anyway, I don't consider myself a teacher in the normal sense (as I label what I do as tutoring) but I was so pleasantly surprised and touched when I received my first ever teachers day gift from my student Nadiah. Thanks girl! =)
Here's pics of the gift! I love it, it's so adorable!!!

Day #13: 30-May

So today is the first day back at work after the holiday. Gosh, it's Tuesday Blues 😭

Again, this is meant for journaling POSITIVE experiences, so here goes.

Today, I had the opportunity to try out Peak Fitness which is located at Citta Mall. It's a gym that just opened in Dec 2016. Equipment are new, and the changing room/toilets are clean. It's been so long since I stepped into a paying-gym LOL (although I am on a 7-day trial pass). I'm still deciding on whether to obtain a membership at this gym.

I love that there's the chin up machine! And that corporate membership for us is just slightly over the RM100 mark.

Day #12: 29-May

Today is the day I go home. But Penang also feels like home. I just don't think I can drive here, LOL.

It's sad to know it's my last day in Penang, but since this is the Doublers and the intent is to BE MORE POSITIVE, I choose to reflect on the great times spent in the last 5-days.

Never going hungry thanks to yummy Penang food and eating three square Mrs a day, baking a chocolate peanut butter brownies, curling hair successfully, petting dogs at a dog cafe, having an awesome facial experience, buying cheap cotton on body exercise pants, first time fish spa, delivering​ pizza to school, etc. Oh, and knowing that the ais kacang stall will not be closing anytime soon is also good!

And to end the trip, there was dinner at Spades Burger ----- YUMS.
Baconizer beef burger shown here.

Say #11: 28-May

Today was lazy Sunday (but funday) because....

We went to Hin Bus Depot and i was pleasantly surprised with the atmosphere : there was a 'flea' market, a cafe, an Art Jamming place... Nice venue discovery. And then we went to a doggy cafe and the critters were all so adorable!
There two corgis and many Pomeranians and a shihtzu ... And we had a slice or (human) chocolate brownie which was rich and just delish!

Oh, and finally the all-important star fish of Penang: Char Kuey Teow from Ah Leng!