The Doublers #12

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Day #12: 29-May

Today is the day I go home. But Penang also feels like home. I just don't think I can drive here, LOL.

It's sad to know it's my last day in Penang, but since this is the Doublers and the intent is to BE MORE POSITIVE, I choose to reflect on the great times spent in the last 5-days.

Never going hungry thanks to yummy Penang food and eating three square Mrs a day, baking a chocolate peanut butter brownies, curling hair successfully, petting dogs at a dog cafe, having an awesome facial experience, buying cheap cotton on body exercise pants, first time fish spa, delivering​ pizza to school, etc. Oh, and knowing that the ais kacang stall will not be closing anytime soon is also good!

And to end the trip, there was dinner at Spades Burger ----- YUMS.
Baconizer beef burger shown here.

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